You are GOOD ENOUGH, and we want to help you accept that!

Many of us have that hard to describe feeling that we are somehow not good enough. This has become more prevalent in recent years due to overload of information around us. Anonymous support group sessions can help dealing with the feeling of not being good enough.

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Is it hard for you to accept how you look or how you spend your free time?

We have been exposed to unrealistic beauty and living standards on social media. Everyone is fit, pretty and happy. It is perfectly fine not to look like a super model or to travel to fancy holiday destinations.

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Do you feel that you are not as succesful as everyone else?

Everyone seems to be motivated and hyper-succesful, have amazing careers and incredible professional networks. It is perfectly fine to not be a billionaire, a CEO, or an influencer.

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Do you feel societal pressure that you are falling behind?

All your friends seem to have happy families, cozy homes, nice cars, and active social lives. You are perfectly fine where you are now, and you will eventually get where you need to be, on your own terms.

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Do you really need a pretty body, trips to fancy islands, a "better" job, or that higher social status?

Most likely you already are pretty and happy, motivated and successful, you just forgot it and we want to help you remember that.

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Our Story

Each of us sometimes has that feeling of not being good enough or not keeping up with expectations that society is pushing on us. That is okay, that is human. That is why we decided to create a simple online platform to help people connect with others and understand that THEY ARE ENOUGH, and to find so much needed support. Hopefully we can make you feel a little bit better one session at a time!